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Get the Most from Your Solar System

You have spent the money and purchased a solar system for your home, so now more than ever is the time to adopt as many energy efficient products and practices as possible.

By following our guidelines below, you can be assured to receive the maximum financial return on your investment.

1. Make the switch to LED Lighting.

This technology is now super affordable and can truly save you a fortune (refer to our online calculator to see for yourself). An easy way to start making the change is by changing all the globes in your lamps around your home.

2. Connect to a cheaper rate of electricity.

Energy-hungry appliances such as electric hot water systems and pool pumps can be connected to an Off-Peak Tariff. This results in their usage occurring at night time when there are discounted power prices available.

3. Be mindful of your general energy use.

High cost appliances such as clothes dryers and air conditioners can be really expensive to operate. Only use them when you absolutely need to.

4. Install sensor lighting

Placing this at the entry points to your home holds the dual purpose of providing extra security whilst maintaining energy efficiency with the lights only operating for the minimum time required (and not all night waiting for the young adults of the house to come home!)

5. Purchase extra panels.

This will give your system its optimum operating performance. For example, a 5kW system can comfortably add an additional kilowatts’ worth of panels providing you have the roof space. This addition can provide you with a further annual production yield of 1400kW (and that’s a conservative estimate). And don’t worry, adding extra panels does not change the Feed In Tariff that you currently receive, as your inverter size stays the same.

6. Remove any items providing shade over your system.

Your system only performs as strong as its weakest link, so if you have a small amount of shade even covering only 1 panel, the efficiency of your whole system drops to that low level. Consider having any vegetation blocking the sunlight on your system chopped down.

7. Conduct Yearly System Maintenance

We highly recommend an annual clean and inspection of your system. Dirty solar panels can reduce performance by up to 30% resulting in reduced power bill savings. We offer this service from $195 which includes inspection of the entire system and its components, cleaning of all panels and a full service report.

With an increasing demand for energy efficiency in the housing market, taking care of your solar panels is very worthwhile if you are thinking of selling or renting to tenants (who you could even charge normal electricity rates if you wanted to make some extra money). Implementing the above steps will also ensure you are getting the best possible return on your solar system and are decreasing (or adding to your credit on) your power bill.

At Dan the Sparky Man, we employ only fully licensed, Master Electricians, who are also accredited for solar panel installations in Gold Coast by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, to install and maintain your system. Talk to us today if you want to know more about how you can get the most from your solar system, or are thinking of having a system installed. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, you can count on us.
Dan Carpenter

Dan the Sparky Man

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DTSM Energy Saving Calculator

Making small changes to your energy and electricity usage can significantly reduce your impact on the environment and your household costs. To assist our clients in their journey to a more energy efficient home, we have developed the DTSM Energy Saving Calculator.

The DTSM Energy Saving Calculator is a unique and custom designed online tool which puts your energy consumption costs in simple terms. Our easy-to-use calculator will help our customers to better understand their energy expenses and see exactly how much can be saved by running a more energy efficient household.

The calculator computes your potential savings for a variety of products including LED lighting, energy efficient pool pumps, off peak tariff connections, and of course solar power. This energy assessment is a free service available to anyone who books an in-home quotation with one of our Accredited Master Electricians.

So, if you want to maximise your savings, make informed decisions about energy saving products, and discover just how much you can save by becoming more energy efficient, be sure to book an in-home quotation and try out the DTSM Energy Saving Calculator when it is launched. It is now in it’s in its final stages of development so watch this space!


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Dan Carpenter

Dan the Sparky Man

Come and join our social pages for the latest information, tips and product updates.

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