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The Importance of Having the Smoke Alarm System Installed in Your Commercial Property


A smoke alarm system is one of the things that every commercial property should include. This not only because building owners are obliged by the law to install it, but also because they can be beneficial in multiple ways.

Though the primary function of any smoke detector is to send a signal in case of fire, there are also a few other reasons why every commercial building should incorporate these devices. If you are already well aware of their significance and you are looking for a service that will perform a quick and highly professional fire alarm system installation, feel free to get in touch with Dan the Sparky Man. And, in case you want to learn more about smoke detector importance for commercial properties, keep on reading.



Enhanced Life and Property Security

As mentioned earlier, the smoke alarm is a device that detects fire indicators in the building and signalises danger to its occupants. In most cases, it is tailored to meet the requirements of a specific property. 

Today many commercial buildings link smoke detectors to safety systems. So, in case something starts burning in your workspace, it will notify the emergency service and turn the sprinklers on. That way you, your employees and your property will be safe in the event of a fire. To make sure your fire detector is properly installed, contact our smoke alarm QLD installers. You can be sure our experts will provide you with top-notch service. 

Early Detection and Swift Response

So, we made it clear that the purpose of the fire alarm installation is to raise safety on your commercial property. Now it is time to explain how. Probably the most important thing a smoke alarm does is early detection of a potential threat. That way it helps everyone at the premises avoid inhaling excessive amounts of smoke and prevents serious damage to your property. 

No matter the design of the fire detection system at your commercial property, its main purpose is to alarm emergency services or trigger some sort of extinguisher such as sprinklers. That way, you will be able to react quickly and prevent catastrophe. To make sure your fire detector is working this way, we suggest you hire our smoke alarm Brisbane service.

Shorter Recovery Time and Reduced Property Loss

Unfortunately, there are times when we are not able to react on time to prevent the damages caused by fire. In those situations, a smoke alarm can play a crucial role. Though it might not prevent losses completely it will reduce them and help you get back to business as usual.

Sirens and strobe lights will not extinguish the fire, but they will alert firefighters and other people trained to do that. As we already mentioned, they will quickly react and do their best to save your building and everyone in it. 


Yet another reason that makes a fire alarm system installation so important is cost-effectiveness. Even though it may seem pricey, the advantages this type of device brings along are far more valuable. You can be sure an effective and well-functioning smoke detector will reduce your costs to the minimum.

In case of fire, the smoke alarm will respond in time for you to save your valuable assets. Also, with a well-maintained fire detection system, you will not have to worry about inspection fines and you may even lower your insurance premiums.

If you are looking for someone to provide you with premium installation and maintenance services, then our smoke alarm Brisbane team is at your disposal. Give them a call or send an enquiry, and hire the most skilled commercial electricians in Brisbane.

Electrical Wiring Updates to Consider During a Home Renovation


So, the time to renovate your home is here and you got everything covered except for the electrical wiring. Are you thinking about where to start and what parts of the system need special attention? Don’t worry. Professional services like Dan the Sparky Man can help you with that.


In case you are refurbishing an older residence, there will probably be more work than in newly built homes. And, before anything else, you have to know whether the update of your wiring is necessary at all.



How to Know if You Should Update Your Wiring?

There are some clear indicators your wiring needs an update, no matter if you are planning a complete house renovation or just inspecting your electrical system. These signs are something you should not ignore. So, you should update or replace your wiring if:

  • Lights are constantly flickering;
  • Fuses are blowing repeatedly;
  • Breakers are tripping often;
  • Outlets are sparkling and warming too fast;
  • There is a persistent burning smell in the room;
  • You have a tingling sensation whenever you plug in an electrical device.

Through regular inspections and repairs can prevent damages these occurrences signify, during renovation you should spare some time and money for wiring upgrades. This way you will not have to worry about it later. Thus, the next question is – what should you update? And, you will find potential answers in the lines below.

Repairing and Changing Old Wiring

Even though some electrical wires are made to last for more than a century, you should hire a professional electrician to check them before you start with renovation. If necessary, he will do repairs or replace damaged wires. 

On rare occasions, you might even need to change the entire wiring. Still, this is something that is done only if the system is severely damaged or too old.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

This is also something that you will not have to do often. Besides that, electrical panel upgrades can be pricey. However, it is worth it, since this is the part of the system that prevents your house from burning down. In case you are looking for someone professional to help you with this at reasonable rates, then you should consider turning to our Dan the Sparky Man team. Our expert electricians are specialised in renovation and new home electrical systems, and you can rely on them to give you an estimate and honest opinion about the matter.

New Outlets

In case your wiring system is in a good condition, you may consider adding some new outlets. This is a small change that will be useful for your household because you will be able to use more devices at the same time. It is electrical work that will not take a lot of time, yet it will make your daily indoor activities much easier and safer. 

Lighting Changes

We already mentioned that you should consider upgrading your wiring when you notice lights in our home are flickering. When you are renovating, consider this type of update as well. You can work with your electrician to find the most practical lighting solution. Simply by changing the position of the light source you might achieve the effect you are looking for.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Installation

If you haven’t already installed GFCIs then you should do that during renovation. These devices are designed to instantly turn off electricity in case it comes in contact with any type of moist. They are something that every home should have, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. It will be a simple task for the electrician that will help you avoid electrical hazards.

So, if you are searching for expert electricians to provide you with high-quality wiring services during renovation, you can always turn to Dan the Sparky Man. This company will conduct any type of electrical work professionally and without any hassle.

Which Air Conditioning System You Should Choose For Your Office?


An AC system can improve your workspace in numerous ways. However, before you hire someone to install it, you will have to make sure the AC device you have chosen is suitable for your office. 

That is why you should turn to the professional team at Dan the Sparky Man where our experienced air conditioning technicians will help you choose the most adequate AC system for your business premises.



Duct Air Conditioning


This type of air conditioning is the first choice for many office building owners due to their aesthetically pleasing looks. They include small louvre grilles which make these units easy to camouflage. 


The duct AC system is pretty expensive in comparison to other solutions because they have more parts. Though in some offices you will be able to fit them into a wall without much trouble, you will have to add needed suspended ceilings in others. Because of that, many experts recommend ducted air conditioning units for new buildings or renovating projects. 


Duct air conditioners are perfect for all of you who care about the office interior since you can adjust these units to fit your office space entirely. 


Split Air Conditioning


If you are looking for the cheapest AC system solution for your office, then the single split aircon is the thing that you need. It is suitable for other types of small commercial buildings like cafes, restaurants and shops since this AC’s split system can provide cooling or heating to specific parts of the room. 


Another good thing about single split AC is that it can reduce your energy bill. It uses less electricity than other types of air conditioners, so it will save you money in the long run. Also, if one unit in the system breaks down, others will stay functional.


Keep in mind this system needs more space since you will be installing one conditioner outside of the building for every unit you place inside. 


Wall-Mounted AC


This air conditioning system, also known as mini-split AC is a great solution for small offices. It can also be used in medium-sized workspaces, just keep in mind that you will probably have to use more units for bigger spaces.


Wall-mounted AC includes only one unit that you will need to mount on the wall. This device has to be fixed so that the air is directed downwards. If you are looking for this type of AC installation for a bigger office, make sure that the air conditioners are positioned so that everyone inside will get the most of it. 


The thing that some of you may see as a disadvantage is that you cannot alter it to fit your office design. Wall-mounted air conditioners are long, thin and in most cases white. Still, if you are someone who cares about the workspace aesthetics, you may change smaller details such as the colour of the unit. You can also ask your electrician to set it up higher on the wall, so that is not as noticeable at first glance.


Ceiling-Mounted AC


Known otherwise as cassette air conditioners, a ceiling-mounted aircon is one of the more costly solutions for your office. Like duct AC systems, they can be installed in suspended ceilings. So, they can be camouflaged, but not completely – the facial panel will still be in the view.


Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are great for large spaces where you need well-balanced cooling systems. They also have singularly controlled louvres that can direct the air in specific directions. 


Whatever choice you make, you should ensure your AC system is properly installed. For that, you will need assistance from a licenced electrician, so we suggest talking to Dan the Sparky Man specialists. With their great experience and high level of skill, you can be sure they will provide you with excellent Gold Coast AC installation service.

Lighting Choices That Will lower Your Energy Bills


Besides being a source of light, lamps and bulbs also have other functions. They can create a specific mood in your home and enhance the aesthetic of space, and some of them can even help you save power and reduce your electricity bills.


However, not all lighting choices are energy-efficient. Though you might turn off the light whenever you are not using it, the best way to reduce your power bills is to use specially designed bulbs. The current market offers you plenty of choices, yet three types of a lighting stand out as the most effective – LEDs, CFLs and halogen incandescents.



For instance, if the lights in your back or front yard are left on throughout the night, experts will recommend you to use above mentioned light-emitting diodes or compact fluorescent lamps. And, if you need an entirely new outdoor lighting installation or you wish to try out some of these energy-efficient solutions, feel free to contact Dan the Sparky Man. 

Of course, before you decide which type of lights to install, you should learn more about each of them. So, let’s take a look at the most popular energy-saving and cost-efficient lighting solutions.

Reduce Your Electrical Bills With LED Lights

The light-emitting diode (LED) is at the moment the most popular choice for all of those who are looking for a cost-friendly lighting solution. As a garden illuminator, it can withstand heavy rains and snow. Aside from that, this type of lighting can create unique aesthetics. LEDs come in different shapes, sizes and even colours, and they have wide usage.

They are creating light in a specific way. To illuminate the source, an electrical current passes through a specially designed microchip. LEDs generate light using less energy and there is also less heat in comparison to other lighting solutions. With them, you will lower your energy usage by up to 80%. And though LEDs will cost you more than regular bulbs, they will pay off in the long run. 

Save Some Power With Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Another solution that will have a positive effect on your house budget is a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). This is the same type of fluorescent light some of you already have in the office or garage. This is just its smaller curly version. Each CFL bulb contains a small portion of mercury, so you should recycle it once its lifespan ends.

Like LEDs, this type of bulb can be used to beautify the space. They also come in different colours, and they are a perfect choice if you are looking for a dimmable light. Since it uses less energy than other lighting solutions, many people do not hesitate to invest in it. Though it uses more energy than LED, CFL is still more practical in comparison to the regular bulb. According to the statistics, it will pay for itself in nine months and after that, you will be able to save every month.

Try Out Halogen Incandescents

Halogen incandescents are illuminators that contain a quartz capsule filled with halogen gas that surrounds filament. Like in a regular bulb, the electrical current goes through that wire inside and generates the light by heating it. 

The gas is made out of iodine and bromine, and it induces the slow-burning of particles in filament, which are later replaced and reused. This type of lighting can last for 2,500 hours.

LED, CFL or Halogen Incandescents – What’s The Best Choice?

Finally, to make your lighting system more energy-efficient, you should choose the best of the above-mentioned options. As you can see, there are different cost-effective options, but LED lighting seems to be the best one. 

To learn more about lighting solutions that can lower your energy bills, we suggest talking to Dan The Sparky Man experts. We will be more than happy to provide you with professional advice as well as indoor and outdoor lighting service.

Things to Consider When Hiring Electrical Contractors


No matter if you are planning a home renovation or electrical system installation in your new office building, hiring a good electrician is of the utmost importance. So, before you dial any number, you should think about several things that can greatly affect the quality of service you use. If you are not sure what you should pay attention to, do not worry. We are here to present you with some basic questions you have to ask when hiring an electrical contractor.



Consider Contractors’ Qualifications and Experience 

The first thing you will have to ask yourself is whether the electrician you are planning to hire has the necessary certificates and licences to conduct the type of work you need. This is a critical factor that can have severe consequences in case you disregard it.

Aside from qualifications, you will have to make sure you are hiring someone with experience and expertise. With these traits also come reliability and professionalism, and with that, you can be certain that the job will be done precisely and on time. If you are not sure where to search for an electrician you can trust, we suggest getting in touch with Dan the Sparky Man and talk to him about the electrical service you need.

Check The References

Maybe the best way to learn about the contractor you wish to hire is by checking his references. Whether you get the recommendation from a friend or you find him through an internet search, you should pay attention to his reputation. So, ask around for more information, check testimonials and do not discard anything that seems suspicious. 

Talk to Contractors About Permits And Warranty 

When you are taking over some big construction project, you will need a few permits, and the electrical contractors you are hiring should have them as well. These are important for the protection of building owners, and you cannot start the work without them.

Also, do not hire a contractor who doesn’t offer a warranty on the service. This is not only a guarantee that he did a proper job but also insurance for future repairs.

Ask About The Price

None of us likes to overpay the service no matter how large our budget is. Because of that, you should ask your electrical contractor to give you a price estimate. Furthermore, you should consider the rates other electrical contractors are offering. You may find another company that is willing to do the job of the same quality for a more competitive price. This way you will avoid someone tricking you to pay this type of work more than its actual value. 

Enquire Electrical Company About Precautionary Measures and Contractor’s Insurance

Considering the safety of you, the contractor and everyone else on the site is of vital importance. And, we mean this literally. This is a factor that will help you decide whether you will hire someone or not. In case your contractor is not insured or he is missing some parts of the safety gear, you shouldn’t even think about using his service. 

Security on your site is something that should be uncompromising. Ask your contractor about precautionary measures he takes while working, and make sure that everything he does is according to general safety standards. That way you will avoid potential catastrophe.

If you are having trouble finding an electrical contractor ready to take your project under the above-mentioned condition, Dan The Sparky Man stands at your disposal. With his team of highly skilled electricians, he will provide you with a service that meets the highest standards. Whether you are working on a commercial building or your own home, this is the electrical service you can count on.

How to Maintain Solar Panels Efficiency During Autumn?


If you have recently installed solar panels on your roof and now the fall is here and winter is approaching, you must be wondering how to maintain your system properly during periods with fewer sunny days. Well, we are here to tell you all that you need to know!

Thanks to the vast experience we have, we pointed out valuable tips about how to maintain your solar panels during autumn. However, if you are still thinking about whether the installation of such a system is a good idea or not, you can always ask our technicians for advice. They will explain to you the benefits of switching to solar power and everything else you would like to know considering this issue.  


Don’t Stress About Production

Keep in mind that your solar power system will produce less energy during the fall and winter months, but don’t let this worry you, because your distributor designed the system according to your annual power usage. Yes, you will produce less during fall and winter, yet the energy production will increase over spring and summer. 

Besides that, even in the autumn, there will still be sunny days during which you can expect a higher performance of your solar power system. Even though the days will be shorter, there will still be some power to store. 

Save Energy

Saving solar energy is always a good idea, especially when you are preparing your home for the upcoming winter months. To make the most of this situation, you can turn off unnecessary lighting and use only the loads you need. Furthermore, you can inspect your ducts before you turn on the heater. Also, if you don’t have house insulation, consider adding it to your home to conserve heath.

Inspect Your Panels Regularly

This is a part of solar power system maintenance that you shouldn’t neglect, and autumn is the best time to do that. It is important to detect any issues that may appear before the weather gets worse, so make sure to book an inspection on time. In case you don’t know who to turn to for this type of service, our solar power experts stand at your disposal. They will inspect every part of the system and provide you with the necessary repairs at competitive rates.

You should do this type of checks at least twice a year. That way you will make sure that your panels are working properly and that there aren’t any problems with connectivity or wiring.

Thoroughly Clean Solar Panels

The last, but not the least important on our list of advice is panel cleaning. We are well aware of the yard work you will have to do during this season, still, you shouldn’t forget about your roof. Your solar panels need a thorough cleaning, especially if there are some trees nearby. You should remove any leaves or pine needles, as well as dirt and dust. To do so, you can wipe panels with a mop or use a soft scraper with a bucket of water and a small amount of soap. Also, it is good to rinse your panels with clean water from time to time. That way, you will not only ensure your solar system lasts longer, but also increase its efficiency. 

Additionally, since the winter is just around the corner, if you live in a snowy area, you should be prepared to clean panels more often. Still, for this type of job, it is better to hire a professional. The solar power system technician will have the right cleaning equipment and knowledge to prevent any sort of damages caused by rain, ice or snow. If you need some additional tips and advice on solar panel maintenance, feel free to contact our Gold Coast solar power specialists and get the answers you are looking for.