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Off-Peak Electricity Installation Gold Coast

Are you looking for more ways to lower your energy bills? The best option is to connect to the off-peak electricity and start saving your money. Our team of certified Gold Coast electricians will be there to fulfill all tariff connection requirements.

We are aware that the price of electricity across Australia is constantly rising, and that many people struggle to find ways to save on their monthly bills. Because of that, it is important to maximize your opportunities to connect appliances to off-peak tariffs and use discounted prices of electricity during specific times of the day or night.

All you have to do is contact us, and our team of technicians will be happy to explain how the entire process of connecting your residential or commercial appliances will look like. Once we define all details, our team will provide swift and professional service so you can enjoy all the benefits of the off-peak tariffs.

Super Economy Tariff 31 and Economy Tariff 33

Usually, you can access off-peak electricity between 10 pm and 7 pm for Super Economy (Tariff 31). There is also Tariff 33 which is economy one for homes across the Gold Coast, and it starts after 8 pm and it is available for around 18 hours. These tariffs are up to 60% cheaper than regular electrical energy rates, and our staff will thoroughly explain to you the details of both and suggest which one you should choose.

Keep in mind that your electricity retailer can sometimes adjust these times. These adjustments are called “time-of-use tariff” or “shoulder usage”. Because of that, it is best to check with your electricity retailer for current times and rates, and if you want, we can check that for you.

Our team of well-versed Gold Coast electricians will be there to carry out all necessary adjustments to your home electrical system so you can take the full advantage of these off-peak tariffs. The prices of these tariffs are created to encourage users to use most of their electricity during off-peak times.

We Can Connect Variety of Your Appliances to Off-Peak Tariffs

Air-conditioning systems, pool pumps, and electric hot water systems are among the most common items that are connected to off-peak tariffs. This is mostly because these appliances use much energy, and connecting to a super economy or economy tariff can potentially save you thousands of dollars per year.

However, our off-peak electricity installation Gold Coast services aren’t limited to above-mentioned items only. You can count on us to connect almost any electrical device from your home to Tariff 31 or Tariff 33. Whether it is a dishwasher, cloth dryer, washing machine or any other device, we can make sure it is connected to a controlled load so it receives electrical energy only during peak off hours.

The electricity system is changing and it brings many advantages to its users, and our team of professional technicians will help you lower your bills, and save your money.

Contact Leading Electricians for Off-Peak Electricity Installation Gold Coast

Besides connection changes, our team of fully licensed Gold Coast electricians can also take care of the meter upgrades and hard wiring, so you and your property can take all the advantages of these discounted tariffs.

You can complete the contact form on our website or give us a call at (07) 5522 4444 to learn more about the off-peak electricity installation Gold Coast service that we provide. Let us help you pay less for the electricity you are using by avoiding high price periods. Wait no more and contact our reliable team of Gold Coast electricians today.