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Dan lights up the showroom

The Lights have been switched on, & the welcome sign is on the door, to our new interactive Showroom. Are you building or renovating? Do you have unanswered questions on the latest energy efficient products? Our newly renovated showroom is complete with specialist information on lighting, power and energy saving options that couldn’t be handier. Conveniently located in the heart of Nerang, our interactive showroom is the place to head to whether you are after inspiration or education on all things associated with electrical, Solar, LED Lighting & more. Our showroom is unique to the Gold Coast as you are looked after by a qualified Master Electrician, rather than a retail salesperson. We encourage you to bring your new house plans, renovation ideas or even your power bill so that we can assist you in a relaxed environment, where all your questions can be answered and all your options & product choices are on display. Our showroom is open by appointment only so you are guaranteed that personalised service. We are proud to have two fully operational lighting display boards, showcasing our full range of internal and external LED Lighting options. In addition, we have a Clipsal product display board displaying the very best of their range, and the solar panels and inverters we use on display also. What’s more, there are copies of the Clipsal Essential Checklist for you to take home, and tons of product catalogues and photographs of past projects for you to have a look at. So call in to our showroom at 3/25 Brendan Drive, Nerang for quality advice, assistance and tailored solutions. If I’m not there, hopefully I’ll meet you when you next drop by.

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Connect your Clothes Dryer to an Off-peak Tariff & Save Money this Winter

If I told you that I could reduce the running costs of your clothes dryer by about 50% – would you be interested?

Most of you know that an easy and continual way to save money is to connect energy hungry appliances to an off-peak tariff, most commonly hot water services and pool pumps. Even Energex now offers a $250 ‘Positive Payback’ reward for hooking your pool pump up to the Economy Tariff 33 (read more about the Positive Payback here:

But throughout winter, it is often the clothes dryer which causes a surge in the power bill of a number of residents. So many of us use our clothes dryer on a daily basis to ensure a constant supply of clean work and school uniforms, even on the coldest and wettest of days. And with the constant rain the Gold Coast has been experiencing for the past few weeks, it’s safe to assume that thousands of families have been doing the same thing at peak times – running their clothes dryer nonstop! By connecting your clothes dryer to an off-peak tariff you can significantly reduce its running costs.

The catch? Well it just means that you can’t use your dryer during peak times* but then every time you are using it, the running costs are up to 50% off the normal domestic tariff. Not a bad trade off in my opinion.

And for another added bonus, Energex don’t always restrict your power supply. I have my washing machine & clothes dryer connected to an off-peak tariff and without even thinking, I tried to use them both at about 6pm the other night, and guess what? They operated as normal.

This just shows that Energex don’t restrict power to your off-peak appliances every single night at exactly the same time; I guess it just depends on the overall energy consumption in your suburb at the time. But in general, off-peak tariffs provide electricity for up to 18 hours a day.

*Generally between about 5pm-9pm each day, but exact timings may vary and are determined by Energex

If you want to know more about off-peak tariffs and our services, come down to our Gold Coast showroom and speak to me or one of my fantastic team members today.

Dan Carpenter

Dan the Sparky Man

Come and join our social pages for the latest information, tips and products updates

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