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Bring Your Backyard to Life

Summertime on the Gold Coast means that the outside evening temperatures are just right. And as we tend to live a huge portion of our lives outdoors, what more reason do you need to light up your external living space and give it that resort like feel? Strategically placed backyard lighting will ensure you can kick back and relax, let the kids and pets run amok, or enjoy a BBQ in your outdoor area all year round.

Here are our top 4 ways to bring your backyard to life through clever lighting…and to be the envy of your neighbours in the process!

  1. Garden lighting –

When selecting lights to place in your garden, there are a few different types you could go for depending on what you garden is made up of. Firstly, opting for in-ground spike lights may be a good idea if you have something like a beautiful statue or palm tree that you’d like to draw attention to. Placing spike lights at the bottom of the feature will highlight it and create a stand-out area of the garden. Alternatively, smaller foliage lights may be appropriate if you want to give your garden a consistent ambient glow. Or, if you are looking to really light up your garden, a combination of both in-ground spike lights and foliage lights may even be something to consider.

  1. Deck lighting –

If you have a timber deck, lighting it up will instantly liven up your whole backyard and give your deck more aesthetic appeal. Aside from this, deck lighting is also very practical as it means you can continue to entertain outside and enjoy your deck’s beauty well into the night, as well as light up your deck stairs if you have any.

  1. Paver lighting –

In-ground paver lights are a great alternative to ceiling lights. Placing these lights around the edge of your outdoor space will create soft and relaxed-mood lighting, perfect for outdoor entertaining on those hot summer nights.

  1. And last but not least, pool lighting –

For many, the pool is the key feature of the backyard and we want it to look its best, so pool lighting is a brilliant and worthwhile addition to your outdoor area. Not only do they increase safety, lit up pools also make for the perfect setting for night-time entertaining and let’s face it – nothing is more inviting or more calming than a night swim in a well-lit, crystal blue swimming pool!

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New Website Launch!

After months of planning, our new website is finally here! We have listened to all of your ideas and have now finalised our more informational, more resourceful, and more user-friendly website.

The first key feature we have added is our Inspiration Gallery so you can get your creative juices flowing for your next renovation project. We have included photos to help you get ideas for everything from creating effective interior lighting plans to saving energy.

Our new website now has everything you need to know about solar power, including details on how much it can save you and how a solar panel system works. Our solar information kit can be accessed here.

We have also included descriptions of the top four products that are sure to save you the most on your electricity bill. You can read about these four products here.

Lastly, we have added an interactive LED Calculator to enable you to see just how much money these lights can save you.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Adam from Phyd Creative whose talent, hard work and patience has made our new website what it is. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to create a website or update their existing one.

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Dan Carpenter

Dan the Sparky Man Come and join our social pages for the latest information, tips and products updates

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