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2019 - 06 - 21 - Dan the Sparky - Homepage


Making small changes to your energy and electricity usage can significantly reduce your impact on the environment and your household costs. To assist our clients in their journey to a more energy efficient home, we have developed the DTSM Energy Saving Calculator.

The DTSM Energy Saving Calculator is a unique and custom designed online tool which puts your energy consumption costs in simple terms. Our easy-to-use calculator will help our customers to better understand their energy expenses and see exactly how much can be saved by running a more energy efficient household.

The calculator computes your potential savings for a variety of products including LED lighting, energy efficient pool pumps, off peak tariff connections, and of course solar power. This energy assessment is a free service available to anyone who books an in-home quotation with one of our Accredited Master Electricians.

So, if you want to maximise your savings, make informed decisions about energy saving products, and discover just how much you can save by becoming more energy efficient, be sure to book an in-home quotation and try out the DTSM Energy Saving Calculator when it is launched. It is now in it’s in its final stages of development so watch this space!


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