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Keeping Safe this Storm Season

When we are busy having fun in the sun, it’s easy to forget that our beautiful summer is also our storm season until it’s too late. All too often, we are approached after a severe thunderstorm has resulted in costly appliance damage, switchboard destruction or water damage in and around lights especially. To keep your home and more importantly your family safe during the impending storm season, there are a number of measures that Gold Coast residents can take.

Firstly, ensure that you have a Mains Surge Protector installed in your switchboard. This protects your appliances in the event of a power surge. If you don’t have one of these, unplug all appliances from the wall. It is not enough protection to simply turn them off.

Secondly, it is absolutely critical to have a Safety Switch installed in your switchboard – this protects you and your family from electric shocks and electrocution. Safety switches also minimise the risk of electricity-related fires. Moreover, it is now a legal requirement for all new homes to have safety switches protecting both power points and lighting circuits.

In the event that you suffer water damage, particularly in or around your lights, switches and powerpoints, do not touch them. Ensure you get them tested and checked by a licensed electrician as soon as possible. Also consider having a roof inspection prior to storm season if you think it could let water in or is prone to damage during a storm.

Another more general tip to consider is that in the event of a storm warning, you should make sure all mobile phones and tablets are fully charged ready in case of a blackout as even cordless home phones don’t work without power. Also remember to have a torch in a location known to all family members ready in the event of a blackout. And don’t forget to check the batteries!

It’s also a good idea to make certain that your pets’ registration and tags are current before storm season hits. Many dogs especially experience high stress and anxiety levels during storms and become more likely to run away or get lost, so assuring they are wearing their collar and their registration is up-to-date is vital.

Lastly, although we are all told time and time again, it is so important to remember to not touch or go anywhere near fallen power lines. It is also critical to walk carefully after a storm has taken place as power lines could be hiding among grass and debris. If you see a fallen power line contact Energex immediately.

For more tips on how you can stay safe this storm season, you can contact us on

You can also visit the Queensland Government Electrical Safety page for more information on electrical safety in both storms and floods.

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Energy Efficient Acreage

Our business was created on the premise that energy efficient solutions are the way of the future. That’s why we love nothing more than working to transform houses, businesses or estates to be as energy efficient as possible. Recently, we completed a project in Jimboomba where the outcome was a 6 star energy efficient rated boutique acreage property.

This stunning house is truly a labour of love for the home owners, who were the builders themselves. The owner/builders did not just want a visually appealing home, however – they wanted it to be energy efficient, which would allow them to save substantial costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

We were called in to consult with the owners prior and during the construction of the new home, to create and implement the electrical and lighting plans. Firstly, I worked closely with the homeowners to design a lighting plan that would give the house ambience and atmosphere. A key element to the plan was LED lighting technology which you can’t go past if you’re wanting energy efficient lighting for your home.

Both the indoor and outdoor features of the home were highlighted with LED lighting, giving their house that show home appeal. We also took advantage of pendant lights and installed these cleverly throughout the house. We used them as features, installing them on either side of the bed in the master bedroom to replace the traditional bedside table lamp. This worked well and gave this bedroom the wow factor the owners were after. We also used gimble LED downlights to highlight the feature walls in the home.

To further the energy efficiency, the owners also wanted solar power. We installed a 5kW Solar System which didn’t detract from the appearance of the roof.

In addition, the house was topped off with ceiling fans throughout and appliances were strategically connected to off peak tariffs.

If you love this Jimboomba house and would also like to make your home energy efficient, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Dan Carpenter


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