People are using many electrical appliances in our homes and office spaces. Sometimes we can even overload the electric installations by installing too many appliances. This can cause major hazards like fire, or even damage your devices.

Because of that, it is crucial to call trustworthy electricians whenever you want to install a new appliance. We are covering the entire Gold Coast, and you can be sure that our electricians will be at your address right on time. We will make sure that everything is properly installed and that there is no risk of hazards.

Every appliance is different and the process of its installations requires much more than just plugging it in. The manufacturer’s specifications vary, and each device has its own purpose, so the only way to make sure that it will operate properly is to make sure that everything is done right. Even if adding additional outlets is needed, we will take care of that too.

We Can Install Wide Range Of Electrical Appliances

Our appliance installers are experienced and certified electricians, who work hard to provide the best customer service. You can be sure that we will find the first available term to schedule an appointment for you and that our team will have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done swiftly and efficiently. 

The list of appliances we can install include but is not limited to:

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Air-conditioning
  • Dryers
  • Stovetops
  • Garbage disposals and more

The service we provide is not limited to appliance installation only. After we check the specification of the device you need us to install, we will also check your electrical installation. In case that our technicians find out that your panel needs to be upgraded to support the number of appliances you are using, or that there are some wiring issues, you can count on us to take care of that too. 

We Offer The Best Appliance Installation Across Gold Coast

Many people showed us their trust in past years, and we always worked hard to justify that and provide top-notch service. We can handle and install even the tricky components of various appliances. Everything we do complies with the safety and regulation standards to make sure that your electrical devices and installations will work properly for years to come. 

We will never affect the appliances’ manufacturer warranty because we always double-check everything and guarantee high-quality work conducted by fully-licensed electricians. After we finish the installation, our technicians will be there to advise you how to use and maintain your new appliance.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers and that is why we offer transparent quotes with no hidden fees. We will provide all information regarding the price and duration of the installation before we start working, so you can relax knowing that there will be no unpleasant surprises and unexpected costs. 

Efficient Appliance Repairs

It is very important to be sure that your appliances are properly installed, but in case some of your devices stopped working you can contact us and schedule a repair, too. Our technicians are familiar with all aspects of electrical work, and they will always find the best solution within your budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and we will provide a quotation free of charge. Nothing is more important to us than to provide the best customer experience to our clients, so you can be sure that we will get back to you with all the necessary information within minutes. Keep yourself, your family and your property safe and schedule professional appliance installation today.

If you are a Home Renovator, Boutique or Custom Builder or small to medium scale new home developer, then let our team provide you with the expert electrical knowledge and premium customer service that you are looking for.

Here are 4 things that set us apart from the rest:

1. We have a fully interactive lighting Show room

Bring your house plans to our new showroom & discuss your lighting & electrical requirements one-on-one with a Master Electrician. Have all your questions answered, see all the products first hand & check out our Gallery of completed works to get inspired about the lighting potential of your new home.

2. We specialise in LED Lighting Design

Lighting is a powerful tool that can transform the simplest space into something sensational. Meet with one of our specialist team members to get advice & ideas and to find out how easy and affordable it can be to give your house that show-home appeal.

3. We can create a customised Electrical Plan

Taking into consideration your family, lifestyle requirements, type and location of home & of course your budget we can help you to create an electrical plan that suits your family’s needs now and well into the future.

4. We provide you with a dedicated Project Management team

An accredited Master Electrician along with one of our client service’s team act as your consistent point of contact for the duration of your project. Couple this in-house dynamic duo with our specialist technicians in the field and you can be assured that your home will be completed efficiently whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality.