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An AC system can improve your workspace in numerous ways. However, before you hire someone to install it, you will have to make sure the AC device you have chosen is suitable for your office. 

That is why you should turn to the professional team at Dan the Sparky Man where our experienced air conditioning technicians will help you choose the most adequate AC system for your business premises.



Duct Air Conditioning


This type of air conditioning is the first choice for many office building owners due to their aesthetically pleasing looks. They include small louvre grilles which make these units easy to camouflage. 


The duct AC system is pretty expensive in comparison to other solutions because they have more parts. Though in some offices you will be able to fit them into a wall without much trouble, you will have to add needed suspended ceilings in others. Because of that, many experts recommend ducted air conditioning units for new buildings or renovating projects. 


Duct air conditioners are perfect for all of you who care about the office interior since you can adjust these units to fit your office space entirely. 


Split Air Conditioning


If you are looking for the cheapest AC system solution for your office, then the single split aircon is the thing that you need. It is suitable for other types of small commercial buildings like cafes, restaurants and shops since this AC’s split system can provide cooling or heating to specific parts of the room. 


Another good thing about single split AC is that it can reduce your energy bill. It uses less electricity than other types of air conditioners, so it will save you money in the long run. Also, if one unit in the system breaks down, others will stay functional.


Keep in mind this system needs more space since you will be installing one conditioner outside of the building for every unit you place inside. 


Wall-Mounted AC


This air conditioning system, also known as mini-split AC is a great solution for small offices. It can also be used in medium-sized workspaces, just keep in mind that you will probably have to use more units for bigger spaces.


Wall-mounted AC includes only one unit that you will need to mount on the wall. This device has to be fixed so that the air is directed downwards. If you are looking for this type of AC installation for a bigger office, make sure that the air conditioners are positioned so that everyone inside will get the most of it. 


The thing that some of you may see as a disadvantage is that you cannot alter it to fit your office design. Wall-mounted air conditioners are long, thin and in most cases white. Still, if you are someone who cares about the workspace aesthetics, you may change smaller details such as the colour of the unit. You can also ask your electrician to set it up higher on the wall, so that is not as noticeable at first glance.


Ceiling-Mounted AC


Known otherwise as cassette air conditioners, a ceiling-mounted aircon is one of the more costly solutions for your office. Like duct AC systems, they can be installed in suspended ceilings. So, they can be camouflaged, but not completely – the facial panel will still be in the view.


Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are great for large spaces where you need well-balanced cooling systems. They also have singularly controlled louvres that can direct the air in specific directions. 


Whatever choice you make, you should ensure your AC system is properly installed. For that, you will need assistance from a licenced electrician, so we suggest talking to Dan the Sparky Man specialists. With their great experience and high level of skill, you can be sure they will provide you with excellent Gold Coast AC installation service.