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Those of you who run any type of commerce know how many aspects can influence work efficiency. With this in mind, one of the elements you should consider is commercial electrical maintenance. Regular inspections and upkeep will not only improve the performance of the appliances but also prevent potential blackouts and safety hazards.

Here are the top 5 fundamental reasons to schedule electrical maintenance for your office regularly:




1. Your Office is Based in an Old Building 

Every responsible business owner does a thorough inspection before moving a company into a certain building. Still, that doesn’t mean you should postpone hiring an electrical maintenance service. And this is even more true if your commercial premises are located in an older building.

With frequent and regular maintenance, testing and inspection you will not have to worry about unpleasant surprises like additional costs for repairs or short circuits. Have in mind that some older buildings may have electrical wiring that hasn’t been replaced for decades, so it is more prone to different damages and safety hazards. For instance, cable insulation could easily wear out and leave wires unprotected. However, regular visits of an experienced electrician can prevent almost all issues. In case you haven’t been able to find someone trustworthy to provide you with electrical maintenance service, our specialists will be glad to help you.


2. The Electrical Outlets Are Warming Up

If your electrical outlets are warm to the touch, you shouldn’t wait a minute longer before you call your electrician. The reason for the warming up can be too many devices plugged in the same circuit. However, this is not the only cause. For instance, in older buildings, you may have mismatched electrical equipment, like a high ampacity breaker where you should install a standard one. This is something that an electrician can easily resolve. And, you should have someone check cracked, worn off and chipped outlets.

Now, the process of heating can appear while voltage input is changing to storable output. Since the outlet shouldn’t be warmer than room temperature, you should check it an hour after you unplug the appliance. Still, keep in mind that even if it comes back to normal, you should get in touch with your electrician.


3. Lights in Your Office Are Flickering

This issue is something that you might encounter whether you are based in a new or old building. There are a few reasons why this may happen, and though sometimes it seems like a minor problem, it can have unpleasant consequences. For example, your employees can suffer from nausea, vision problems or headaches. That can further affect their efficiency and general health.

Additionally, if there are flickering lights in more than one room, this might be an indicator of an overloaded circuit, which is yet another safety hazard. To prevent potential calamity and raise the quality of your working space, you should have a good electrician by your side.  



 4. Sparks Appear Whenever You Plug-In or Unplug Appliances

Multiple sparks coming from a cable or the appliances is never a good sign. A brief flicker here and there when you remove the plug or switch on a device too soon is a normal occurrence. Still, sometimes sparks can be a serious issue. The reason they appear so often may be moisture exposure, which could lead to a short circuit. Besides that, sparks could indicate your outlets are warming up excessively. Furthermore, it could lead to overloading, melting of wire insulation and corrosion. Sparks can also be a result of a neglected and poorly repaired electrical system. 


 5. Regular Upkeep Saves You Money

Though it may not seem obvious, systematic and regular electrical maintenance will lower your company costs. Working with a reliable, experienced and skilled electrician will save you time and money you would lose repairing sudden damages, not to mention enhance the safety of you and your staff. You will not have to worry about business interruption and you will provide an efficient working environment for your employees. And, if you are not sure who to contact about this, our Gold Coast electricians will be at your disposal. Whether you need just a consultation or you are ready to book for regular upkeep, you can count on us.