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2019 - 06 - 21 - Dan the Sparky - Homepage


Expansion of solar power system usage is undoubtedly encouraging environmentally conscious behaviour, and that is not the only positive thing that emerged from it. Still, many people have doubts about the way solar energy is generated, its cost-effectiveness and other benefits users and distributors highlight. Thus, it is no wonder solar systems will be surrounded by misconceptions.

If you want to educate yourself, our solar power Gold Coast experts will explain to you everything and give you a better perspective on the issue. In the following text, we will enlist the most common myths about solar energy systems and hopefully help you get a full picture.

1. Solar System Doesn’t Work on Cloudy Days


The first misconception about solar panels is that since they use sunlight to generate energy, they don’t work on cloudy days. Of course, this notion is false. The clouds do not block the sun completely, and the panels will work as long as there is sun exposure. Your system will generate energy, but the production will be reduced to some point. 

In other words, the panels may not be as efficient as they would be on a sunny day. Clouds create a barrier between the sun and the system, filtering the sunlight that reaches solar cells. The amount of light that panels absorb will depend on the thickness of these “filters”.

2. Solar Panels are Expensive


This was maybe true a decade ago, but today is pretty far from it. With options like loans and leases, there are numerous ways to afford solar panels. Besides that, governments across the globe are constantly designing bonus schemes and different types of programs for homeowners who decide to implement this energy production module. Some of them are referring to battery storage, meaning it can be even more cost-effective. For instance, for residents of Gold Coast, solar power solutions come with 44 cents feed-in tariff. Having that in mind, and depending on your electricity consumption, your solar panels will completely pay off in the next five years.

3. Solar Power Systems Require High Maintenance


Some people may think that panels are built out of sensitive materials which makes them hard to maintain. On the contrary, the upkeep of this system doesn’t require more than dust cleaning every six months. 

Of course, regular maintenance will ensure your panels work properly, yet it is not as frequent or demanding. You will only have to check if the system is clean and remove potential causes of shading. In case you may encounter some issues or system faults, we advise you to contact our solar power Gold Coast experts.

4. Solar Installations Cause Roof Damage


Another misconception about solar power modules is that their installation would damage your rooftop. Our Gold Coast solar power technicians, for example, prove the opposite, since they do thorough preparations before the beginning of the work.

Well-trained installers will conduct this job without causing any damage to your roof. During installation, they will make sure to create a firm construction by placing solar panels on mounting brackets. And, since they need to inspect the roof before that, technicians will probably detect all existing damages and suggest you fix them before the installation.

5. Solar Rooftops Can Increase the Value of Your Property


This myth is true. Research conducted in the last five years shows that the majority of Australian homeowners see solar power as a way to increase the value of their properties, and it does. Moreover, a significant number of renters said that they would pay extra 10 dollars per week for the home with a solar rooftop.

Before you decide whether to make a switch to this energy source or not, you should learn as much as you can about it. The easiest way to do so is through a consultation with our solar power Gold Coast specialists, who will give you the correct information.