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When you are planning a home renovation or electrical system installation in your new office building, hiring a good electrician is of the utmost importance. So, before you dial any number, you should think about several things that can greatly affect the quality of service you use. Don’t worry if you are not sure what you should pay attention to – this article will cover the basic questions you should ask when hiring an electrical contractor.



Consider Contractors’ Qualifications and Experience 


The first thing you will have to ask yourself is whether the electrician you are planning to hire has the necessary certificates and licences to conduct the type of work you need. This is a critical factor that can have severe consequences in case you disregard it.


Aside from qualifications, you will have to make sure you are hiring someone with experience and expertise. With these traits also come reliability and professionalism, and with that, you can be certain that the job will be done precisely and on time. If you are not sure where to search for an electrician you can trust, we suggest getting in touch with Dan the Sparky Man and talk to him about the electrical service you need.


Check The References


Maybe the best way to learn about the contractor you wish to hire is by checking his references. Whether you get the recommendation from a friend or you find him through an internet search, you should pay attention to his reputation. So, ask around for more information, check testimonials and do not discard anything that seems suspicious. 


Talk to Contractors About Permits And Warranty 


When you are taking over some big construction project, you will need a few permits, and the electrical contractors you are hiring should have them as well. These are important for the protection of building owners, and you cannot start the work without them.

Also, do not hire a contractor who doesn’t offer a warranty on the service. This is not only a guarantee that he did a proper job but also insurance for future repairs.


Ask About The Price


None of us likes to overpay the service no matter how large our budget is. Because of that, you should ask your electrical contractor to give you a price estimate. Furthermore, you should consider the rates other electrical contractors are offering. You may find another company that is willing to do the job of the same quality for a more competitive price. This way you will avoid someone tricking you to pay this type of work more than its actual value. 


Enquire Electrical Company About Precautionary Measures and Contractor’s Insurance


Considering the safety of you, the contractor and everyone else on the site is of vital importance. And, we mean this literally. This is a factor that will help you decide whether you will hire someone or not. In case your contractor is not insured or he is missing some parts of the safety gear, you shouldn’t even think about using his service. 


Security on your site is something that should be uncompromising. Ask your contractor about precautionary measures he takes while working, and make sure that everything he does is according to general safety standards. That way you will avoid potential catastrophe.

If you are having trouble finding an electrical contractor ready to take your project under the above-mentioned condition, Dan The Sparky Man stands at your disposal. With his team of highly skilled electricians, he will provide you with a service that meets the highest standards. Whether you are working on a commercial building or your own home, this is the electrical service you can count on.