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There are many causes of bad electrical wiring, from incorrect installation or poor repair to neglecting the issues and irregular maintenance. Whatever the reason is, this is a serious problem and you should address it as soon as you notice warning signs.

Now, if you are not sure which are the indicators of bad residential electrical wiring, take a look at the lines below, and we hope that you will find the answers you need.


Flickering Lights

The first visible sign of problems with the electrical system is flickering light. Though this can happen sometimes due to a disruption of power going through the bulb, and the only thing you have to do is to replace it, this also may be an indicator of an issue with the wiring. Aside from being annoying, flickering can also have a negative effect on your quality of life. Because of that, you should contact your electrician, and resolve this problem as soon as possible. In case you don’t know who to turn to, our Gold Coast electrical experts will be more than willing to help. They will fix your wiring and educate you on how to keep it in good condition in future.

Visible Damages on Wiring

Another warning sign you will be able to quickly detect is damage to your electrical system such as torn or chewed wiring. We know how easy it is to overlook things like minor chipping of the insulation, and you may even think that it will not cause any problems. Still, you shouldn’t postpone this type of repair because it can grow into a serious issue with unpleasant consequences.

Whether it is a bite mark on the wire or a frayed end, you should fix it as soon as possible. For instance, a bitten cable may look fine on the outside, yet the sharp teeth of a rat or a wild animal can cause more damage than you think. So, if you have some pest issues, you should thoroughly inspect your electrical cables.

Warm Outlets

Outlets that are warming up are also one of the tell-tale signs your wiring has gone bad. The reason for this may be damaged or loose wire, and it is important to address it on time to avoid electrical hazards. If any of the electrical sockets or plugs feel warm at the touch, you will need professional assistance. 

Odd Sounds

With many appliances that a modern home includes there are so many sounds surrounding us. Still, this doesn’t mean you will not be able to make a difference between a regular tune of your device and when it starts sounding odd. If you hear any sort of buzzing from your appliances or even electrical outlets, you can be sure that something isn’t working properly.

Unusual Smell

Odours may also be an indicator of the electrical issue. One you will easily recognise is a burning smell and this is something you should resolve quickly. It is a clear sign of an electrical fire hazard and you should call your electrician to fix it in the shortest period possible. 

Moreover, if the insulation is already burning, you will have to disconnect everything from the circuit and trip the breaker manually. This is one of the situations where you may find yourself in serious danger, so you should do everything you can to prevent it.

Besides this smell, you should check the other odours as well. Sometimes burning can produce an unusual and unfamiliar scent, and you should detect its source before you find yourself in trouble. 

Blown Fuse

In case your fuse is constantly blowing, it is clear as day that something isn’t right with your electrical system. In the best-case scenario, it may be that you are overloading the circuit. Still, this is not something that you can easily achieve. Because of that, you should hire a professional to locate the problem. And, whether you need to replace the entire electrical wiring or just need a quick fix, our expert electricians are at your disposal.