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2019 - 06 - 21 - Dan the Sparky - Homepage


What type of kitchen describes you best? Whether you’re into an open space design or can’t live without an island, here’s a variety of ideas for fresh kitchens worth entertaining in.

Since becoming internationally recognised as the heart of the house, many have grappled with how they can best deck out their kitchen to live up to this title. One technique for jazzing up a kitchen which is often sidelined is creating the perfect lighting plan.

Lighting in the kitchen has the power to transform it from a brilliant setting for a loud family dinner to the ultimate spot for a romantic evening for two. To help you stay in the know and make the most of this great room, here is a taste of the lighting trends you should capitalise on for the ultimate kitchen in 2014.

1. Pendant lighting
Decorative pendant fixtures above a bar or bench top are brilliant addition to any kitchen. Not only can they can they be very visually appealing on their own, they can complement your bar or bench top beautifully. Kitchen Lighting 3 Oversized pendants or lighting fixtures are also a growing trend, so don’t be afraid to choose fixtures that make a statement. Above the eating area, they can serve as a focal point and centrepiece for a modern kitchen.

2. Dimmers Dimmers are a must in 2014.
They can be adjusted according to the use of the room so you can set the mood to your liking. What’s not to love? Kitchen Lighting 1

3. Cabinet lighting
By including lights inside glass-front cabinets, it can put the spotlight on unique or special dishes and accessories. Under-cabinet lighting also works brilliantly. Kitchen Lighting 4

4. LED lighting
LED lights are not only more cost-effective than incandescent lights, they also give a whimsical feeling when installed under bench tops, to highlight cabinetry or to illuminate splashbacks. Kitchen-Lighting-Dimmers

5. Sconce lighting
The ongoing trend of fewer upper cabinets in the kitchen opens up more space for decorative task lighting, like sconces. These fixtures are often on adjustable arms, giving the option to have the light directed where you need it most. Look for decorative task fixtures in black, iron and aged brass finishes to really make a statement in your kitchen.


Images/Sources: Style at Home and HGTV

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