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2019 - 06 - 21 - Dan the Sparky - Homepage


A surge in solar installations has taken the south-east Queensland region to more than 250,000 homes with rooftop solar – and the total inverter capacity to more than 800MW. With more and more education on the benefits of solar power, many residents are taking advantage of it…and it’s showing no signs of slowing down! The suggestion that solar is no longer a good investment due to the tariff changes could not be further from the truth. While incentives have been reduced, the upfront price of solar power systems has also been reduced. Solar has actually never been more affordable (especially at Dan the Sparky Man seeing we offer no interest payment plans on all of our systems) and it is increasing in popularity as depicted below.


  March saw 3,250 rooftop solar arrays officially metered, and another 4,000 applications for solar panels were received according to new data from Energex. That makes rooftop solar in the south-east corridor managed by Energex the sixth biggest power station in the state. In fact, more than 11 per cent of total residential power consumption in the area is now sourced from embedded generation – namely rooftop solar. This recent data from Energex delivers some other interesting insights also. One is that the actual amount of money paid out for feed in tariffs is declining. That’s because around 700 homes changed owners, meaning that their rooftop systems changed from the old 44c/kWh rate to the 8c/kWh rate. That is bringing the average feed in tariff down to 37.5c/kWh. Sources: Renew Economy So, if you have been considering getting solar power or would like to know a bit more about it, please do not hesitate to contact us today. With the feed-in tariff now sitting at 8c per kWh (less than you pay to import electricity), it is now more important than ever to have a professional accurately size a system to meet your need for electricity. At DTSM, we employ only fully licensed, Master Electricians, who are also accredited for solar installations by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, to install and maintain your system. We are one of the preferred installers for Origin Energy and have installed thousands of systems right across the Gold Coast and surrounding regions. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, you can rely on us.   Dan Carpenter Signature Dan Dan the Sparky Man Come and join our social pages for the latest information, tips and product updates. Facebook page: Twitter page: