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2019 - 06 - 21 - Dan the Sparky - Homepage


With temperatures getting down to as low as single digits in the evenings and early mornings on the Gold Coast, we’re all trying to find ways to warm up the house.

For most of us the heater is the first thing we turn on. But which is the most suitable for your home and the most economical to operate?

There are two main types of heating – radiant and convective. What is the difference?

Radiant heaters

Also known as bar heaters, a radiant heater will heat people and objects in front of the heater using infrared radiation. Radiant heaters often have a visible source of heat that glows bright red.

Convective heaters

Convection heaters are designed to evenly heat the air in a room. This is done by passing cool air across a heating element. Some other types of convection heaters are: Oil Filled Column Heaters, Fan Heaters, Energy Efficient Wall Mounted Panel Heaters.

Different heating for different spaces:

Choosing one over the other depends primarily on whether you want to heat people or the space: Convection heaters will warm the air in a space, while a radiant heater will transfer heat to the nearest objects.

  • In larger rooms with high ceilings, a combination of radiant and convective heating is best.
  • In small rooms, space convective heating is effective.
  • In larger draughty rooms or bathrooms, radiant heating works best.

Get the most from your heater:

  • Ceiling fans – reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to push warm air down from the ceiling back into the room.
  • Always ensure that you clean the filters on your chosen heating system at the beginning and end of each season to ensure that it runs smoothly and use timers to make sure that you are only heating your room when you require.
  • Install insulation – Ceiling insulation keeps your home warmer in winter and helps your heater run more efficiently.
  • Minimise draughts from windows and use heavy curtains to stop heat loss.
  • Always consider appropriate clothing to stay warm and reduce the effects of draughts.
  • Position your furniture to deflect or avoid draughts.

Dan’s Tips:

  • Electric portable heaters can be cheap to buy but very expensive to run. Many are not as effective as other methods of heating and can be unsafe if they are old, un-serviced or too many are running at the same time.
  • Reverse-cycle air-conditioners (or heat pumps) are the most energy efficient type of electric heater. They also heat up the room quickly, they have timers and can maintain your room at a set temperature. Most of all they are safe for your family.

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