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2019 - 06 - 21 - Dan the Sparky - Homepage



So, the time to renovate your home is here and you got everything covered except for the electrical wiring. Are you thinking about where to start and what parts of the system need special attention? Don’t worry. Professional services like Dan the Sparky Man can help you with that.


In case you are refurbishing an older residence, there will probably be more work than in newly built homes. And, before anything else, you have to know whether the update of your wiring is necessary at all.



How to Know if You Should Update Your Wiring?

There are some clear indicators your wiring needs an update, no matter if you are planning a complete house renovation or just inspecting your electrical system. These signs are something you should not ignore. So, you should update or replace your wiring if:

  • Lights are constantly flickering;
  • Fuses are blowing repeatedly;
  • Breakers are tripping often;
  • Outlets are sparkling and warming too fast;
  • There is a persistent burning smell in the room;
  • You have a tingling sensation whenever you plug in an electrical device.

Through regular inspections and repairs can prevent damages these occurrences signify, during renovation you should spare some time and money for wiring upgrades. This way you will not have to worry about it later. Thus, the next question is – what should you update? And, you will find potential answers in the lines below.

Repairing and Changing Old Wiring

Even though some electrical wires are made to last for more than a century, you should hire a professional electrician to check them before you start with renovation. If necessary, he will do repairs or replace damaged wires. 

On rare occasions, you might even need to change the entire wiring. Still, this is something that is done only if the system is severely damaged or too old.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

This is also something that you will not have to do often. Besides that, electrical panel upgrades can be pricey. However, it is worth it, since this is the part of the system that prevents your house from burning down. In case you are looking for someone professional to help you with this at reasonable rates, then you should consider turning to our Dan the Sparky Man team. Our expert electricians are specialised in renovation and new home electrical systems, and you can rely on them to give you an estimate and honest opinion about the matter.

New Outlets

In case your wiring system is in a good condition, you may consider adding some new outlets. This is a small change that will be useful for your household because you will be able to use more devices at the same time. It is electrical work that will not take a lot of time, yet it will make your daily indoor activities much easier and safer. 

Lighting Changes

We already mentioned that you should consider upgrading your wiring when you notice lights in our home are flickering. When you are renovating, consider this type of update as well. You can work with your electrician to find the most practical lighting solution. Simply by changing the position of the light source you might achieve the effect you are looking for.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Installation

If you haven’t already installed GFCIs then you should do that during renovation. These devices are designed to instantly turn off electricity in case it comes in contact with any type of moist. They are something that every home should have, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. It will be a simple task for the electrician that will help you avoid electrical hazards.

So, if you are searching for expert electricians to provide you with high-quality wiring services during renovation, you can always turn to Dan the Sparky Man. This company will conduct any type of electrical work professionally and without any hassle.