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Kitchen Lighting Installation Gold Coast

There is one room in your house in which you will mostly spend the most time of your day – the kitchen. This place is at the same time storage, a gathering spot where you spend enjoyable moments with your family or friends, prepare meals and more.

Our innovative lighting solutions will make your kitchen welcoming, well-lit and more visually appealing. No matter if you are building a new house, or you are renovating the existing one, we will be there to help you enhance the beauty of the interior with custom-tailored LED lights. 

Whether you already have the idea about how you want to design the lights in your kitchen, or you want our team to find the best option, we will be there to help. We take pride in providing the best customer experience and high-quality electrical services of any kind, so you can be sure that the new lighting system we design will exceed your expectations. 

Custom Lighting Design

Sometimes the regular lighting options are not effective enough, because every kitchen design is unique. We will make sure that every corner of your kitchen has enough light and find the perfect lighting solutions. You can count on custom-tailored lighting designs, as well as the installation of the:

  • Recessed Kitchen Lighting

These discreet lights have many benefits. In case you decide to install them in the ceiling, that will make your kitchen look more spacious. One more advantage of this type of lighting is that the number of light fixtures can be defined based on the dimensions of your kitchen which will ensure that the entire room will be evenly lighted. This type of lighting is very practical since it requires low voltage to power, which will lower your energy bills. Since recessed lights are neutral, they leave you the freedom to design the kitchen aesthetic as you like. 

  • Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

This type of lighting cannot be used as the main one for the kitchen, but it can definitely provide greater depth perception and openness in your kitchen. It is installed below your cabinets so you can say goodbye to all those shadowed areas around there. From rope lighting to fixtures, there are many different types of under cabinet lights. We can install any option you choose and ensure you have greater visibility, do the kitchen prep more easily because all counters and areas will be better lit.

Excellent Lighting Solutions For Renovation Projects

Our staff consist of licensed and experienced electricians who can perform jobs of any size as easily as possible. Even if you are renovating your kitchen and you are afraid whether your appliances and furniture will be damaged during lighting installation, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything. We will be very careful and they will clean everything behind them in order to leave your space in the same condition as it was before they started working. 

The kitchen lighting services we provide are available across the Gold Coast and we can visit your home, review your kitchen and explain what types of fixtures and lights will best fit your space. You can be sure that our staff will be open to your ideas, so feel free to give suggestions and help us find the best possible kitchen lighting option for you. 

Contact Us Today

DIY lighting solutions may not make your kitchen as well lit as you hoped, but our Gold Coast team of electricians certainly will so don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out the online form on our website. 

We will give our best to get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need.