We are a dedicated and vastly experienced team of Tugun electricians whose job is making your property safer, more beautiful and economically efficient. We do that by installing a carefully designed lighting system made of the highest quality materials. No matter if you need to brighten up your home or change and repair an existing wiring system, our team will do the job efficiently and swiftly.

Being the first choice of many homes and business owners, together with builders and home renovators, made us stand proudly and confidently behind our work for so many years. For every job done, we provide a 12 months workmanship warranty enabling you to fully trust our service.

Since it happened that so many satisfied clients were willing to spread the word, the demands grew each day. Now, we meet you at your home, office or commercial and residential building in Tugun. Whether you want to switch your lighting to LED and save a significant amount of money, or you desire to have a dreamy-looking backyard at night, we offer so many diverse services that fit anyone’s needs.


Affordable Solar Power System at Tugun Properties

Being recognised as one of the premier Gold Coast solar companies, we have installed countless solar power systems in the area. We can improve your existing ones by implementing our advanced energy-saving solutions, or we can create and install a brand new system at the site. Whatever the case is, our team will do the job.

The first step is getting to know your property. Our Tugun electrician creates an offer after gathering the necessary data – size and state of the roof, the number of sunny hours and the exact proportions of the panels. We always try to create the best offer possible for a particular case, so be sure that we are being friendly with your budget, too. Once we establish the price and the duration of the solar power system installation process, we will get back to you. After the deal is made, we are ready to completely dedicate our time to you.

While our certified technicians are doing the work, you will be communicating with a manager who will keep you involved and informed during the whole procedure. From the beginning to the end of the operation, he will make sure to give all the handling instructions and answer all your questions. When you need us after the installation, our customer support is at your full disposal, so do not hesitate to give us a call.


We Have More Solutions for Saving Energy

Besides our advanced solar power operating mode, we offer to design a LED lighting scheme and replace those traditional costly bulbs. Except having your electricity bill cut in half, you will get a bright and modern space for multiple purposes. The low level of heat they produce makes them the safest option for premises of any size. And their durability can be measured in thousands of operating hours.

Another useful apparatus that we supply is the acclaimed 8 Star Energy pool pump which is more cost-efficient than the regular by delivering electricity savings up to 70%. In case you are looking for a remarkably durable and strong performance pump (appropriate for a large pool, too), this one is unmatched by the competition.


Schedule Your Appointment by a Tugun Electrician Now

For a check-up, suggestions or a full property inspection needed for our future project, contact us now and save the date for our Tugun electrician to visit. Send us a message via the form or call us now and we will make sure to provide the information you are seeking.

We are one of the Gold Coast’s premier Solar companies

Providing only the best and most reputable products on the market we are one of the leading Solar companies on the Gold Coast. Our exceptional level of quality is maintained by installing all of our own systems, using our experienced in-house teams. We have been one of the preferred installers for Origin Energy and have installed thousands of systems right across the Gold Coast and surrounding regions.

Dan is a Clean Energy Council Accredited PV Designer and Installer and is our resident Solar expert. He has personally designed hundreds of systems for homes & businesses right across the Gold Coast & will happily meet with you to analyse your power usage and design a system to suit your needs.

Solar has never been more affordable & we offer no interest ever payment plans on all of our systems. Government rebates are still in place so call us today on  (07) 5522 4444.

Want to know more? Want to know more? Call Dan directly on 0422 448 6820.