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Switchboard Upgrades Gold Coast

The switchboard is the core of your whole electrical system. It is usually located inside of our homes or outside close to the meter box which is a device that records and measures the electricity usage amount.

Wherever it is placed, it has the utmost important role of directing the electricity from the main supply into the multiple directions where the power is needed. As you can imagine, keeping it in great condition continuously is one of your main obligations in the matter of safety precautions.

Even though you took good care of the switchboard, when it gets outdated and worn out, it may cause frequent circuits or fuses to blow unexpectedly. Besides being extremely annoying, these occurrences can cause some dangerous incidents. To be sure that your family is well-protected, you can simply turn to our professional electricians for rapid and efficient Gold Coast switchboard upgrades even today.

How To Know When It’s The Right Time for a Switchboard Upgrade?

If your appliances are short-circuiting quite often lately, it is time for a switchboard upgrade. The older versions of switchboards are not equipped properly to support the high wattage loads in modern homes. We can add a circuit to back up the load or perform a complete upgrade of your switchboard.

Even though light flickering is not alarming when happening occasionally, the situation is different when the lights do it continuously. This may be the sign of an outdated or damaged switchboard, so you should act fast and get in touch with the professionals.

No matter what, your switchboard wiring shouldn’t look too packed. If this is the case, you should invest in an upgrade to prevent any potential hazards. If you plan on adding more devices into your home, don’t do it before you talk to our licensed electricians so they can inspect the switchboard and decide whether it’s completely safe for new add-ons.

Professional Switchboard Upgrades for Full Compliance with Current Standards

As the electrical standards changed over time, many switchboards couldn’t follow the progress. If you have the old ceramic or rewireable fuses at home, then you most definitely need the upgrade, but even if you have the modern circuit breakers, you still may need to add more safety features to your switchboard.

Our technicians will come to the spot, perform needed inspection, and determine what’s the best solution for you. It is our main goal to increase safety at your premises, so you can be sure that our experts’ advice and service will make that happen.

It is of utmost importance to let the certified professionals deal with this particular matter, and each member of our Gold Coast electrician team is fully licensed for given tasks. We guarantee for each of our works and provide you with the up-front pricing which excludes hidden and additional costs. In other words, we genuinely care about our customers, and we never stopped doing so for the past 7 years.

Contact Our Specialists Today

We and you both have the same goal – to make your home as safe as possible. Therefore, you should turn to us now in case you’ve noticed some of the aforementioned occurrences and we promise a swift and efficient service.

We work transparently and make sure to explain in detail what you are paying for. Furthermore, we use the highest-quality equipment for all our works, so you can rest assured that your upgraded switchboard will serve you for a long time without any issues.

Give us a direct call at 5522 444 and get all the information you need or submit a free quote and expect an adequate and detailed response within one business day.





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