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Banora Point Solar Power Installation

As you’ve probably noticed, switching to solar power is becoming a choice of many Australians. The Gold Coast properties are especially suitable for it since we are blessed with many sunny days.

There are many advantages of the solar energy system. Most importantly, that is the much better option for your environment, and it goes soft on your budget, too. The energy that the panels produce is clean and renewable which automatically increases the value of your property.

The team which performs the installations and maintenance consists of accredited and licensed members. Each of them is a highly-qualified and experienced individual. If you are ready to do a good thing for the community and save a significant amount of money, we are here to take care of the whole process for you. From panel installation and maintenance, rely on a single renowned Banora Point solar company – Dan the Sparky Man.

Prompt Solar Power Installation Service

Do not hesitate to call us and learn all about how the solar energy system works, but in the meantime, let us guide you quickly through it. The panels are the ones who absorb and generate the energy from the sunlight and the inverter is responsible for translating the direct current into the one that works for us – alternating current. Once we have it, the AC flows through your property supplying every device and appliance with electricity.

With the experience we have, each installation process passes smoothly and without any inconveniences. Still, we wanted to be completely sure that everything goes according to the plan and the project manager that is assigned to you is the one who vouches for that. He stays with our in-house team and makes sure to give all the clarifications and inputs to you whenever needed. That is how you are completely involved in the procedure.

The panels that are being placed on your roof are manufactured from the highest-quality materials. They differ in dimensions and characteristics, as each client has an individual request. We provide a custom-tailored solar power system installation and design in Banora Point, so you can be sure that the panels and inverter you got will perfectly fit your needs.

If you already have a system that you are not satisfied with, we will make sure to replace it with the one that you want. No matter if you choose our panels or not, we will take care of the whole installation process.

Solar Power System Maintenance for Residential and Commercial Properties

The conclusion remains the same no matter the size of your property – regular maintenance does make a difference. The panels do their job 24/7 and after some time, they require professional attention. Any small rupture or water and moisture leakage can cause serious damage to the system. Piled up dirt doesn’t do well either, so besides careful panel examination, their cleaning is one of the procedures that our team provides.

The crucial thing that ensures everyone’s safety and longevity of the panels is an electrical checkup. All the switches, wiring and attached cables are inspected. After panels, the attention moves to an inverter whose records show clearly if there were any malfunctions. The team that you rely on is fully accredited to perform both installations and maintenance.

Switch to Solar and Feel the Power of Nature

In the vast offer of various products that promise to enhance our quality of life, this one actually works – it saves your money and benefits our environment. What is there not to like? So, don’t hesitate to give us a call or write to us today and we will make sure to bring the power of the sun closer to you!