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Smoke Alarm Compliance Gold Coast

If you are a property manager or owner, you are probably familiar with your legal responsibilities regarding the smoke alarm. The most important thing to keep in mind is that smoke alarms must comply with Australian safety standards and state-based legislation. This is how you’ll avoid fines, but most importantly, keep yourself, family, employees and premises safe. 

Devices for early fire detection are an essential element of any type of property, but their maintenance and compliance requirements might seem confusing at times. This is why our smoke alarm Gold Coast experts are here. 

Well-familiar with the law and vast experience with smoke alarms maintenance, testing and safety check-ups, our team will perform all the necessary tasks to prove that your smoke alarm is ready to operate seamlessly. All you need to do is give us a quick call and schedule a meeting with our team, and the rest is our job to do. 


Commercial Property Smoke Alarm Compliance in Gold Coast

Count on our professional service wherever in the Gold Coast area you are. We offer prompt and reliable smoke alarm maintenance and testing for any size of commercial property, and you can be sure that our professional evaluation represents solid proof of compliance. 

The check-ups are performed once a year, and you can even let us schedule each of them one and simply remind you a few days upfront. We understand that commercial property owners and managers can be quite busy sometimes, so you can leave it to us to take care of everything. In case there is a need for a smoke alarm replacement or a major repair, you’ll be informed about it immediately and advised about the next step.


What Does the Procedure Look Like?

The first phase consists of the law obligations and the current smoke alarm setting comparison. For example, smoke alarms older than 10 years must be replaced with new photoelectric ones. The same rule applies to those who do not operate as expected. 

Then, we need to make sure that there is a fully functional smoke alarm on each storey and in every hallway, and if it is the residential property, we will check whether they are included in the bedrooms and all the pathways that lead to it also. 

What comes next is the extensive smoke alarm system check-up to determine whether they are completely clean. Detectors can contain some dirt and debris, so we will make sure to eliminate everything. The next phase includes various testing processes like battery, smoke button and decibel tests. If there is a need for a battery replacement, we will take care of it too.


Smoke Alarm Compliance Service for Residential Properties

The smoke alarm compliance procedure is similar for any type of property, but there are additional requests for the upcoming year related to the landlords’ and residential property owners’ obligations. 

If you are renting a property, from 1 January 2022, you must have an interconnected smoke alarm installed in the dwelling. For those who are renovating or building, updated law will require the same thing and also a selection of photoelectric and ionization-free sensors. 

We suggest you don’t wait until the last minute and let us take care of your smoke alarm compliance today. This is the way to be sure that no one’s life is threatened and that your business and residential properties are well-secured from the fire. 

Numerous Gold Coast citizens have already entrusted us with this incredibly important task, and if you are in need of a trustworthy and qualified smoke alarm experts team, we will gladly respond to your requirements. Give us a call today or contact us via an online form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.