As the lifestyle of every individual changes and trend in every sector grows, the need for stable electrical energy increases. Nowadays households use more appliances than before, as well as companies who perform most of their work on computers and many other machines that use electricity to operate. 

Because of that, people are in constant need of professional electrical service provided by certified specialists and that is why they come to us whenever they need repair, installation or even upgrades of wiring and other components of that system. We are proud to say that we have been the top choice for residential as well as for the commercial clients because we strictly follow deadlines, and guidelines our customers give us. 

This means that the electrical service we provide across Runaway Bay is tailored to your needs only and that we will not start working until you agree with every aspect of the plan we prepared for you. Whether it is a design and installation of the entire electrical system for your new home, or you want to switch to solar power, we will first explain your available options, and suggest the best one within your budget. Also, our prices are transparent, so you will know how much the entire project will cost in advance. 


Choose Cost-Savvy and Choose Our Runaway Bay Solar Power Solutions

There are many benefits of solar electrical power systems, and one of the most popular reasons why people decided to switch to it is the fact it can help you significantly lower your energy bills. No matter if you want to switch only one part of your energy system to solar, or you want to completely transfer to this energy-efficient method, you can count on our professional service.

Besides design and installation, we can provide all the necessary parts, since we are suppliers of the elements of one of the most renowned brands. In case you want to know more about the equipment we are using, feel free to speak with our specialists and they will thoroughly explain everything to you. 

Prior to installation, we will need to check the condition of your roof to ensure that everything that needs to be fixed is finished before we start working. Also, we will need to check the number of sunlight hours to make sure that the solar electrical power system will be able to supply you with enough energy.


The Best Commercial Electrician in Runaway Bay

Construction projects can be daunting, especially if we are speaking about commercial ones. However, if you find a trustworthy contractor, the entire process can pass hassle-free and all the job can be done on time without any interruptions. 

Because of that, many business people come to us whenever they need a reliable electrical contractor. No matter if you are renovating your office, or you are building completely new premises, we assure you that we will be able to provide a service beyond compare. 

We will use the best practices and high-quality parts and tools, plus we will double-check everything before leaving your site to ensure that every segment of your electrical installations is working properly. Even if you have bought new appliances, don’t risk installing them on your own, because we can take care of that too. 


Wait No More and Contact Our Runaway Electricians Today

Whether you decide to give us a call at (07) 5522 4444 or to contact us via the online form on our website, we guarantee that you will get all the information you need within minutes. We will be there to solve all your electrical issues and provide advice you need at any time, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us even today.

We are one of the Gold Coast’s premier Solar companies

Providing only the best and most reputable products on the market we are one of the leading Solar companies on the Gold Coast. Our exceptional level of quality is maintained by installing all of our own systems, using our experienced in-house teams. We have been one of the preferred installers for Origin Energy and have installed thousands of systems right across the Gold Coast and surrounding regions.

Dan is a Clean Energy Council Accredited PV Designer and Installer and is our resident Solar expert. He has personally designed hundreds of systems for homes & businesses right across the Gold Coast & will happily meet with you to analyse your power usage and design a system to suit your needs.

Solar has never been more affordable & we offer no interest ever payment plans on all of our systems. Government rebates are still in place so call us today on  (07) 5522 4444.

Want to know more? Want to know more? Call Dan directly on 0422 448 6820.