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We are your Gold Coast team of Master Electricians

Miami QLD Electrician

Having a trustworthy and responsive electrician can make your life easier and give you a peace of mind. That is exactly why we are here, and our certified Master Electricians are ready to handle any electrical task that you put upon them. Our two decades-long experience and constant search for modern solutions gives us confidence in our everyday work and provides you with the highest quality service.

From installing various home appliances and AC to the more complex and time-consuming projects that include LED installation throughout the commercial building, we have been done it all. We are recognised as serious contractors, LED and solar system installers and inventive lighting designers.

Our team operates throughout the whole Gold Coast area including Miami. We specialise in making your properties safer which is why we included regular electrical maintenance in our services. Schedule a visit from our team today and rest assured that all the installations and wires are working properly.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting System Installation

You can give your home a brand new identity by adding some LED lighting. We can make your kitchen everyone’s favourite place by putting some under cabinet lights that will bring to light only the areas of your choice. Imagine intimate bathroom lighting that will make the warm baths even more enjoyable and calming. Whatever ideas you have, we are ready to follow your lead. If you don’t have many, our great imagination, vision and experience will certainly help in finding the right solution for you.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, apart from better visibility, it can make your backyard and pathways look incredible. We give more life and security to your outdoor area with appropriate lighting. Once you share with us your exact needs, we will present you with the multiple options.

Quick Switch from Traditional to LED Lighting and Solar Power Systems

Ever since we started our company, we promoted innovative and energy-saving solutions like LED and solar power systems. LED or light emitting diodes are tiny bulbs that are a powerful way of reducing your bill for more than 30% and at the same time, keeping your living space or offices more bright and appropriately lighted. Also, it doesn’t contain mercury and CO2 emissions are drastically lower than with the traditional bulbs.

We can equip a single unit or a whole building with LED lighting without any fuss and complications. Feel free to schedule your free on-site visit and our team will examine the premises and determine the next steps. We know all the benefits of this cost-efficient lighting system, so feel free to give us a call if you need more information.

Solar power system installation is one of our main services and by now, we already did more than 1000 successful projects all over the Gold Coast. The system contains two solar panels attached to your roof and their size and functioning system depend on your needs and location. If you want to learn more about this cost and environment-saving option, you can give us a call at any time for all further clarifications.

Miami QLD Electrician for Homes and Offices Electrical Repairs and Renovations

For any major or minor adjustments or repairs, we are at your service. We know renovations can be stressful and we want to contribute by providing our usual impeccable service. For your homes and offices, we make a customised offer that will meet your requirements and your budget. We are equally respected and recognised as contractors and private service providers, so whatever you need us for, we are ready to help.  

Send us a message or call us today and meet our professional and skilled Miami QLD electrician.