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We are your Gold Coast team of Master Electricians

Mermaid Waters Electrician

For more than 20 years, we have been taking care of the Gold Coast’s electricity installation and lighting design. We bring the light into your homes, offices, commercial and residential buildings or simply put. We take care of your regular electrical systems maintenance and inspections making sure that the safety and installations functionality is completely provided. For all of our Mermaid Waters customers, we are fully ready for any size project completion.

We are a leader in solar power system design and implementation, and we helped so many of our customers reduce their electricity bills. However, we constantly think about how to help our environment through installation of our solar panels, alongside mercury-free LEDs.

We pride ourselves on having an excellent customer support team that is ready to answer your questions, give valuable suggestions and a detailed presentation of our services. Each in-house Mermaid Waters electrician is highly-trained and licensed with an obligation to provide the best possible service every time. For every project, we assign a manager on site that will be monitoring the process and keep you updated.

During our long experience, we have collaborated with numerous contractors from different industries and each time, we delivered the most professional, fast and high-quality electrical service.

Innovative Energy-Saving Solutions

The LED lighting system can cut your electricity bill in half, brighten and change the mood of the whole office and keep you safer with less CO2 emission. As you can see, there are many reasons to switch to LED. You can schedule your free on-site consultation and our team will inspect your premises, create the offer, and tell you all you want to about the LED lighting. We can install a LED system at your home, office or any size residential or commercial property.

When it comes to our unique solar power system, it has already been recognized all around the Gold Coast area. Dan is a Clean Energy Council Accredited PV Designer and Installer and certainly a solar power system expert. So, with him leading our team, you are guaranteed the most successful and adequate solar system implementation. The first step is the examination of your roof and taking the necessary measurements for the panel fabrication. Shortly after that, we will let you know about our offer and create an affordable fee proposal. Yes, we also advocated that this kind of power doesn’t have to be a luxurious asset, it should be available to most.

In case you have noticed that the electricity bill increased after you began to use the pool, the reason must be the pool pump which is one the most energy-consuming home appliances. That is where we can help you. We are suppliers of Davey PowerMaster Eco Pool Pump that will significantly reduce your pool running costs. Give us a call today and we will find the perfect Eco-pump solution for your pool.

Mermaid Waters Electrical Contractor

Our team is ready to meet every deadline but not compromise on the quality of our work. We can also do the job of any size. From very rough wiring installation works to delicate and most creative lighting system designs, you have a great crew by your side. We supply only the highest quality material for our work, and one year warranty proves that we are a serious electrical contractor.

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Leave us a message or give us a call, and we promise a fast response. Our Mermaid Waters electrician will give some valuable advice and suggest the next step. We always have time for our clients, so do not hesitate to reach out to us today.