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We are your Gold Coast team of Master Electricians

Maudsland Solar Power Installation

The reasons to switch to solar are numerous, and whatever is yours, we are ready to perform our usual best service. The whole area of the Gold Coast has already been covered by our professional team, so lovely Gilston is not an exception.

From brand new installations and replacements of the old ones to ongoing maintenance, you have our reliable and competent team at your service. For our environmental contributions and all the hard work as a solar company, we got recognition from the Clean Energy Council which allows us to perform all the services mentioned above. Besides that, we are manufacturing our highest-quality solar products that promise durability, safety and low-maintenance.

If you are eager to find out why solar power is growing such huge popularity all around Australia, give us a call and we will make sure that you have the best renewable power experience.

Professional Maintenance for Solar Power System’s Highest Performance

To keep this system operating safely, efficiently and properly, ongoing maintenance is highly recommended. Entrust this important task to a licensed and accredited team of electricians and ensure everyone peace of mind.

Well-designed and developed solar power systems allow you to save the environment and money, but only if its performance stays uncompromised. The first step is to clean the panels and make sure that the vents are free of debris. If we notice any damage or deterioration, our team will deal with the matter. 

Since the inverter is responsible for turning DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current), they require some extra attention. Only when we determine that the solar power system is functioning perfectly well, the regular maintenance is considered to be successfully performed.

Highest-Quality Solar Product for Properties of Any Size

Our solar power systems are designed to support low-maintenance operation because it is made from top-quality materials and components. For both households and business, the procedure is similar. Our first obligation is to see what we are dealing with – your roof. It needs to be undamaged and functional to support the panels and allow them to do their work. Once we cross that from our list, we can begin to collect the practical data.

We want to break the stereotype that switching to solar is a matter of prestige, so you can expect affordable pricing created to fit your budget. Since our team is operating as one, we are relying on the methodical approach which guarantees fast working time. Once the installation is done, you are free to ask any questions about your new independent power system and we will be more than happy to give the instructions.

Each of our technicians is highly competent and licensed to perform the tasks. Also, we are accredited by Master Electricians and therefore obliged to adapt our services to the highest safety standards of Australia. By regular maintenance and professional installations, we are putting your security as our priority.

Schedule a Visit from our Qualified Solar Power Team

Many people have certain doubts when it comes to switching to solar. Safety might be the main one and efficiency the other. We can guarantee for both with our 12 months warranty and dedicate some time to explain how the system works.

Since the solar power industry is one of the fastest-growing in Australia, improvements in cell efficiency and panel designs are happening regularly. We are using the latest technologies and high-quality materials to ensure that you will get a renewable energy system that lasts.

So without any hesitation, contact your reliable Gilston solar power team today and do something good for yourself and everyone around.