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Elanora Solar Power Installation

Since we’ve been in the industry for a long time, we can say with certainty that solar power system installation became a sort of a trend in the past two years. By switching to solar, you are doing a favour to your environment, home safety and your wallet. It is a known fact that this installation will substantially reduce your electricity bill. Nothing mysterious about it – that is simply how renewable energy works. Another thing that is great about it is that you gain energy independence. You are using clean energy technology which doesn’t produce carbon emission.

We know all about it since we are one of the most acclaimed solar companies in Gold Coast. Doing his energy saving expert’s part, Dan has led his team to perform solar power installations numerous times. Our Elanora clients know who to turn to when it comes to any electricity matter, and once more, our team is here to do another excellent job. Give us a call now and get all the information you need.

Solar Power Installation for Residential and Commercial Properties

So, how does solar energy work? This system consists of panels which absorb and collect sunlight with its photovoltaic cells. That is how we get the direct current (DC) energy and through the inverter, which is a regular part of the solar power system, we get the usable alternating energy (AC) which is the one that we need for all the appliances.

We can supply you with our high-quality panels or repair and maintain the ones that you already have. If you want to upgrade your existing system, our team will deal with that, too. Solar newbies need not worry because they are in safe hands as well. Our team does the complete system design and installation and later on, provides the regular maintenance. No matter the size of your commercial or residential property, there is a perfect solution for any case.

After our team gets familiar with your property and performs necessary measurements and checkups, you will get a detailed report about the installation procedure that includes the price and duration of the project. We are a company that truly cares about our clients, so making a fee proposal that could fit your budget is one of our responsibilities. For each project, we provide a 12 months warranty and guarantee for the highest-quality materials that are used in the process.

We Take Care of Your Solar Power Maintenance

Our team, accredited by the Clean Energy Council, does power system installation and maintenance keeping your panels in the perfect condition at all times. Continuously exposed to the sunlight, water, wind and debris, your panels require professional inspection and consideration. Our team has a long and diverse experience, so climbing on the roof to reach the panels is part of their regular job which could be hazardous for an untrained individual.

Once the technicians make sure that the panels are clean and undamaged, they focus on the wiring and switches. All electrical components require a thorough inspection since their functionality ensures a peace of mind and safety.

Call Your Elanora Solar System Installer Today

We are more than willing to give all the explanations about the Elanora solar power system that you require. Find out why so many people put their trust in our exceptional team and we promise that you will notice all the benefits just after a few months of use.

Give us a call today or write to us via an online form, and expect a prompt answer from one of the members of Dan The Sparky Man team!