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Currumbin Valley Solar Power Installation

Dan and his team are one of the most trusted solar power system installers in the Gold Coast. When it comes to our Currumbin Valley clients, they surely know that relying on our experience and skill is the right thing to do.

Rewarded with the sunshine throughout the year, having a solar panels system at your premises guarantees a constant flow of energy. We are talking about the renewable one which turned out to be the best option for both the environment and its users. 

The most obvious benefits include a decreased energy bill, low maintenance cost and added value to your home. The one that’s not visible but has an immensely positive effect is less CO2 emission which you, as a solar power consumer, directly get credit for. 

Solar Power System Replacement and First-Time Installations 

If you experience a lot of problems with your current solar panels and components, maybe it is time for a new purchase. We will come to your private or commercial property and determine the most suitable option for your case. If you need a replacement, we can offer our original solar product made to the highest safety and ecological standards or the ones that you already have in mind or possession.

In case you want to install a solar power energy system for the first time, we will gladly take time to help you find the best option. We will take care of the whole process and promise a fast and organised service. Our well-played team will take the necessary measurements and provide calculations to create a unique offer for you. You can be sure that we will present you with a reasonable fee because we tend to provide quality service at affordable rates.

During the process, you can turn to your on-site project manager at any time. He will keep you informed about the work progress and be available to answer all your questions. It is not just the excellent service we are recognized for, but also the way we treat our customers and the respect we give them. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact our team today and schedule a visit as soon as possible.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Electrical Components Check-ups

Solar panel maintenance is a necessary procedure no matter the size of your property. The system that provides clean energy for you is working 24/7, so professional care is required from time to time. Eventually, debris and dust pile up on the panels which may affect the whole system. In addition to that, constant heat, rain, and wind exposure can cause damage and deterioration of it. Luckily, all of the above can be easily taken care of by our licensed technicians.

Except for the cleaning and panels inspection process, we will also make sure that switches and wirings are free of any defects. It happens that cables sometimes get detached due to the wind, so we will secure all the electrical parts. The best way to check if any faults occurred between the regular check-ups is to review the inverter display. Our highly sophisticated solar power system is designed and created in compliance with the highest safety standards, and our team is fully accredited from Clean Energy Council to perform its maintenance alongside the installation.

Contact Currumbin Valley Solar Power Experts Now and Use the Power of the Sun

By now, you probably realized how advantageous it is to have a solar power at your premises. In case you have some doubts, any member of our team that you get in touch with will provide the required clarifications.

Contact us easily through the online form, mail or via phone, and come one step closer in having a completely independent power system.