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We are your Gold Coast team of Master Electricians

Bonogin Solar Power Installation

The beautiful Gold Coast area is blessed with around 300 days of sunshine per year. That fact makes its residents and their properties completely eligible for solar system usage. With 20 years long experience in the area, our team leader Dan deservedly got a PV (photovoltaic) designer and installer accreditation by the Clean Energy Council. Their mission is the same as ours –  promoting renewable energy as the main electricity source.

Over the years, we installed numerous solar power systems which surely contributed to the increased percentage of renewable generation. We don’t intend to stop there. Being one of the leading solar companies in the Gold Coast, we covered and still do, both rural and urban areas. We are fully available to our Bonogin citizens, ready to cut their electricity bills and allow them to fulfil their ecological responsibility.

Cost-efficient Solar Panels Installation

The team that performs both installation and maintenance in Bonogin has extensive experience and knowledge in the field. Each technician is obliged to perform the tasks respecting the highest safety standards, so you don’t ever have to worry. We put your safety and well-being in the first place.

Another thing that we vouch for is all the elements and parts we use for the installation. They are made out of top-quality materials and we guarantee that, since we are the ones who implement them. Their endurance proves that our claims are correct and to show you that we really stand behind what we do, we provide a 12 months warranty for every job that we perform.

After you contact us, our technicians will come to the spot and get familiar with the particularities of your roof. In case you want to replace the current system, you can also rely on our service. As soon as we gather all the data and we reach an agreement, our technicians begin the installation process. During that whole time, you will be updated and informed by your project manager who stays on-site. Once the installation is over, he will be at your disposal for all the questions about your new cost-efficient power system.

Regular Solar Power System Maintenance Ensures Highest Performance

No matter the size, number and position of the panels, they always work around the clock to provide your household or commercial property with all the electricity it needs. That is why it is important to provide them with some extra care from time to time.

If you neglect the panels, it is possible that all that accumulated dirt or moisture may cause some troubles. That is why it is advised to hire a professional maintenance team to deal with the grime and thoroughly inspect the panels and wiring for any damages. Again, keeping you safe is what our regular Bonogin solar power maintenance is all about.

When our technicians notice some irregularities during the maintenance, you can count on them to deal with it successfully.

Contact Your Accredited Solar Panel System Installer in Bonogin

If you are still not sure whether the solar powered system is suitable for you, give us a call and we will provide all the information you need. We wanted to make the solar energy available to as many of you as possible, so keeping the prices affordable is part of our mission. The offer we make is custom-tailored and it will answer all of your needs and requirements.

Write to us today or call us at (07) 5522 4444 and we promise a fast and appropriate response.