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We are your Gold Coast team of Master Electricians

Arundel Solar Power Installation

Whatever your main reason for switching to solar is, we are at your full disposal. From designing and installing an entire solar power system from scratch to replacing the existing panels with the innovative ones, we are a team that does it all.

There are a few explanations why Queensland is nicknamed a Sunshine State. The most obvious one is the amount of sunny days, so it is evident why so many people decided to depend on the sun as the main energy source. The sunlight that is generated by the panels can give your homes and offices all the electricity they need and all you have to do is make a phone call. The rest is on us.

We cover the entire Gold Coast including Arundel. No matter the size of the house or any other property, our team will turn you into one of the many lucky solar power users. In case you are still having some thought and doubts, give us a call today and we will gladly give all the necessary clarifications and suggestions that you will find useful.

High-Quality Solar Panels for Any Arundel Property

The first step we take is a visit to your premises. As you probably know, the panels are placed on the roof, so getting to know with its current state is our team’s first task. Depending on the type of property and size of the panels you need, we will create an offer. Expect that your budget limits will not be exceeded.

The panels we provide for our clients are made of the top-quality materials and their durability and exceptional performances are guaranteed with a 12 months warranty. Fully custom-tailored, they vary in size, thickness and weight. On the other hand, we can install the panels you already selected from another manufacturer. For a brand new solar system design and installation or improvement of the present one, you have a reliable and exceptional team by your side at all times.

Whatever the case, during our work on-site you will be in constant communication with the project manager. Since our technicians will be busy doing their job and doing their best to speed up the process, the project manager is there to answer all of your questions and to keep you updated about the procedure status.

Licensed Solar Power Maintenance Team

Like any other electrical installation, your solar panels require regular maintenance. It is a very sophisticated system, and its cleaning and inspection should be conducted by a Clean Energy Council accredited installers, which we are proven to be.

Besides the most necessary panels cleaning process, one of the essential procedures consists of electrical components and switches checkups alongside vents and wiring examination. Regular maintenance ensures longevity, safety, and better functionality of the entire solar power system.

Living in the busy world as we do, we tend to forget about many things. We surely can’t keep thinking of our solar panels non-stop, but providing them professional consideration from time to time is what everyone can do. Don’t worry if you missed regular maintenance and give us a call today. We are qualified and confident in our ability to recover almost all panels, and more than ready to supply you with new ones if necessary. 

Schedule a Visit from Our Expert Team Now

Give us a call or write a message and get closer to the Arundel solar power system installation today. If you are still not sure whether you want it or not, our customer representatives will hear you out and make sure to help you decide. 

We promise to each and every one of you that there is a solution for any case, so contact us today and we will find the right solution together!